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Keyphone System

The key phone systems are primarily controlled by a device known as key system unit (KSU). It has unique features that are available in the other ordinary phones. The key phone system allows a user to call to another in-office extension and allow only a single user to hold the line. The number of extensions supported by this system ranges from five to forty extensions. It is considered as the best available phone business for both small and the medium sized enterprises.

As a consumer, you should gather prior knowledge about the telephone systems that you want before you buy one. Buying a keyphone system is not any different because they come in many versions. For example, there is the analogue, digital and the internet version of the systems. However, what you buy depends entirely on your needs.

Benefits of keyphone system

  • Essential in ensuring efficient flow of information at the workplace
  • The hybrid keyphone system is effective as it accommodates 8co lines. Its hybrid nature makes it more efficient
  • It is affordable
  • User friendly
  • Cost effective
Analogue Phone

Analogue Phone with display and from a renowned brand name makes a good addition to the office. Features to look forward to include hands-free use through speaker phones. Here is more information about it.

As much as the world has gone all digital, the analogue phone still exists. It is not that it is any less of a phone as compared to the digital one. The two differ in terms of data processing. Analogue phones serve the same function as the digital phones.

Benefits of the analogue phone

There are a number of things you stand to gain from the analogue phones which include:

  • Enhanced mobility due to the hands free nature
  • Easier maneuverability around your workspace
  • Reduces fatigue thanks to its hands free nature
  • Cleanliness of the phone is upheld as it does not get in contact with so many users
  • Protects the ears due to the hands free nature and the headset compatibility
  • It is affordable thus cost effective
  • User-friendly
  • Saves time as you can multitask as you attend to the call
Cordless Phone DECT

Choosing a good cordless phone, DECT for your home or office needs is recommended. Since this phone will be connected to your home address, you feel safer. Being cordless, there will be no cables to install.

Cordless phone DECT is a type of phone that is wireless; no cords whatsoever. It is suitable for both home and office set ups. There are several models to choose from when buying from Arena Business, but they all have desirable features.

The cordless phone DECT is a piece of equipment that every home and even office should have. It is easy to use, portable, of attractive design and the best if you are not a fun of the corded phone.

LCD Projector

A projector is one of the most important investments for the modern business setting as it can make meetings very productive. People lose interest fast when all they hear is the droning voice of the speaker. An LCD projector has great clarity, and is very effective for projecting images.

The LCD projector is an essential tool for business. Projectors are used to make audiovisual or visual content accessible to many people at the same time. They also give a better view of the content. There are many projectors in the market which differ depending on factors such as brightness and clarity of image.

Benefits of using LCD projector

  • It improves your presentation whether in class or in the office
  • It reaches a large number of people at a go
  • It attracts and retains the attention of the viewers if it is used well
  • Emphasis is on the brightness which counts a lot in choosing projectors
  • Flexibility is guaranteed
  • User friendliness
  • Compact yet portable
  • Attractive to the human eye
Walkie Talkie

When you work on an extensive factory floor and you need to keep in touch with different parties, the walkie talkie is the most ideal mode of communication. Here is more information about walkie talkies.

If you would like to revolutionize your business, you should start with buying the right communication devices and the walkie talkie serves many needs to keep in touch with members of staff at work. It is versatile and you can move from place to place with it and keep in touch. It is not affected by network or power outages. It is very convenient.

Walkie Talkie is simply a wireless, small hand-held radio that looks more or less the same as cordless phone handset. Like a phone, it has a speaker, an antennae and a microphone. However, its body is a bit differentfrom that of a phone because both its speaker and microphone are built beside each other.

Keep in touch at all times with your loved ones while you are on the trail, the camp, the slopes, or the street with Panasonic walkie talkie. With a considerable mile range, you can take your outdoor activities to the next level by keeping in touch with people who matter in your life.

CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is simply a monitoring system installed on a facility to record footage based on how the system has been programmed. This camera is a good deterrent to vandals. Here is more information about the available cameras.

Maintain safety and comfort by using CCTV Camera to record clear security footage at all times. When it comes to ensuring 24-hour surveillance, Panasonic CCTV Cameras are the best. From businesses, organizations to institutions, Panasonic offers CCTV products that suit the needs of the user. Whichever camera you are interested in; you can find it from Arena Business Solutions.

A pioneering CCTV Camera protects your city, academic institution, your home and business. With the newest technology, this surveillance system records clear footage in any environment and weather.

Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems

With a multi-purpose CCTV Camera that is able to monitor and record a wide range of suspicious activities, it can also be used to fulfil a variety of purposes. Apart from ensuring safety and maintaining comfort, a multi-purpose surveillance system also provides you with important information that can help you improve your store layout. For example, you would like to eliminate all the blind spots in the office or store. Prevention is much better than cure.


Panasonic Panaboard is a new whiteboard that is used in meetings to ensure efficiency. From daily discussions to major presentations, panaboard allows organizations to get the most out of all types of meetings.

Electronic whiteboards are the real deal in offices and education institutions today. Some come enabled to display text and images in color while others can only do black and white. This means there is a Panaboard for all budgets.

A Panaboard is an effective tool of communication that makes business meetings very productive. Images can tell a lot more than just words and in boardroom meetings, this electronic whiteboard can be a good distraction thus breaking the monotony and ensuring that the thoughts of the people in the meeting do not wander away.

Take your business meetings to a completely new level with the Panasonic Panaboard, which is a revolutionary whiteboard that allows you to effectively share the information with your office staff. The basics are very important in a meeting and the Panasonic panaboard is designed to cater for all that you need. Apart from allowing you to use either your finger or a magic pen on the board, the whiteboard also allows you to easily dry-wipe markers when the meeting is over or when you still want to provide more information.

Voice Processing System

The voice processing system of today has undergone a radical change from what was there ten years ago. You can enhance how your business connects with customers by getting the best tools of trade. Here is more information.

Handle your telephone system traffic and all your communication needs with voice processing system from a renowned brand name like Panasonic. Whether you want to improve the efficiency of your company in sales, human resource management or marketing, the voice processing system offers your business more than you need in terms of facilitating communication. With the Panasonic voice processing system, you can quickly and easily record, send and retrieve messages at any time of day and night worldwide. Other than offering the voice mail it also offers automated attendant service.

But it is not only about automated attendant and voice mail services only because there is more to it than that. For example, you can customize the system to meet your company’s unique needs because different businesses have different needs. With the changes that the voice processing technology has experienced over the last ten years, it is recommended that you use just the best equipment in the industry and Arena Business brings you such.

Single Line Telephone

A single telephone line is a good investment for the home or small office use. Being cordless, some have more extended range than others and therefore you can take it around the office with you.Here are more features for you to consider.

The single line telephone is the most common type of phone that has one slot for one telephone network operator. Therefore, you cannot enjoy services that come with the twin/double line telephone. However a single line phone is still as good as any other phone.

It comes in a number of colors to choose from such as black, silver, maroon and others. Therefore, you can always choose what goes with the décor of your office or home, though you can never go wrong with black in case you have doubts. Such colors have aesthetic value thus will add taste to your space.

Video Intercom System...

Video intercom system & accessories are made to keep your home secure even when you are away. Seeing who you are welcoming to your home will keep you safer. These systems are also used in business.

Today, you can keep your home safe with Video Intercom System & accessories from renowned brand names. Using wireless communication to keep your home safe from vandals and intruders is the best option in this age. You also do not want salesmen and other uninvited people stopping by your home. The idea that you will see them before you welcome them in is very appealing. You will have peace of mind and know how good it feels to sure about safety, and to be sound and comfortable with this easy to install and use system.

Fax Machine

Designed to handle all the needs of small to medium sized busy office or midsize workgroups, Panasonic’s Fax machine is a very high-volume workstation with a specific sheet paper capacity and Auto Document Feeder.

Boost work efficiency in your company with a fax machine from the renowned Panasonic brand name. With an amazing printing speed of 24 ppm and an outstanding scanning speed of less than 3 seconds per page, you will be able to send outgoing faxes quickly and smoothly. With a printing speed of about less than 3 seconds per page, you will be able to print incoming faxes quickly, smoothly and effortlessly. A good fax machine does not only save you time, but it improves work efficiency as well.

Take faxing to another level with Panasonic fax machines that come with high-end features that cater for the needs of the modern day busy offices. Perfect for small, medium and large offices that require an efficient fax device for receiving and sending documents, Panasonic fax machine is not only cost effective, but it is also designed to meet all the demands of even the busiest office.


IP-PBX is a centralizing unit for VoIP systems that switches calls in a business. It is the VoIP equivalent of the traditional switchboard. However, it is smoother, faster and more cost effective.

The IP-PABX is the combination of server and many ports for VoIP phones. It makes IP and SIP phones work as they should. Remember the two phones use the LAN or internet and not the public phone operators as it is with traditional phones.

IP-PBX is equipment that all trendy offices should have. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the IP and SIP phones. The traditional phones do not use this kind of technology. Adopting this new technology of making calls through the internet or the LAN at the workplace changes the way that you do business. You will cut costs, thus divert the saved funds to other vital sections in the organization. Voice calls are amazingly clear and cheap considering that they are long distance, mostly. In addition, the IP-PBX attaches voicemail to email as a message meaning you can access messages even when you are out of the office.

Benefits of IP-PBX

The importance of this equipment cannot be overemphasized. Among its benefits include:

  • It is flexible as it uses both LAN and IP network
  • Cuts costs as it holds a large number of phones
  • Creates a database from the calls that you make or receive
  • Good for teleconferencing thus reducing travel costs
  • Fosters maximum use of resources in a business
  • Ensures your business moves with the current trends
  • User-friendly
  • Flexibility
  • Adds an aesthetic value to a workplace

IP Phone

An IP phone takes the analogue data in audio form and converts it to digital data that can then be transmitted online. This kind of phone is also referred to as voice over internet protocol. The phone is plugged into a LAN port in an internet router or switch to make long distance calls.

IP is an acronym for internet protocol; therefore, an IP phone is a type of phone that relies on the internet or LAN(local area network) to work and it is mostly used for long distance calls that would otherwise cost the individual or the business a lot of money. Without internet connection, an IP phone cannot work.

What are some of the key benefits of an IP phone?

Online technology has a number of merits. With an IP phone there are several benefits which include:

  • Cost effectiveness as the local telephone network’s bills are long gone
  • User friendly
  • Reduces organization’s budget for training since no special skills are needed to operate the phone
  • Ensures you have an up to date office in terms of digital technology
  • Reduced signal issues so long as your internet connection or LAN is effective
  • Improved running of business as the phone can be used anywhere with internet connection
  • Cuts costs
  • It can be used anywhere with internet connection or LAN
  • No network problems with the local telephone line
  • Accommodates as many users as possible

The IP phone technology has revolutionized the telephone sector. Today people make calls online a lot easier than ever before. The online technology in telecommunication is a promising trend that every high end business should consider installing.

DPT Phone

A DPT phone is a digital proprietary phone that has features likecall forwarding, function keys and can be programmed. With great clarity of sound and display the incoming call numbers, it is great for business. Here is more information.

DPT stands for Digital Proprietary Telephone. Therefore, a DPT phone is a digital phone that uses the same technology like any other digital gadget: converting the incoming analogue data (in this case phone calls and messages) into 1s and 0s so that the outgoing data is similar to the incoming data.

There are automated features that come with the digital phone, for instance the call forwarding setting. Besides, with the voice mail service, you will be in better control of your phone calls. This way, your callers will understand that maybe you are busy than leaving them wondering what is happening to you.

The digital transmission embedded in the DPT phone makes it better than the analogue phone. For example, digitization improves sound quality thus saving your callers the nuisance of them having to strain to ensure you understand or hear what they are communicating to you. In a digital or analogue telephone, clarity of sound and the user’s voice is very important.

Benefits of a digital phone

  • Undisrupted communication
  • It is programmable. Most come with function keys
  • Fosters effective budgeting due to the reduced costs
  • Plays a positive role on the image of an organization
  • Easier control of incoming calls as it reduces traffic
  • Trendy due to the advanced technology i.e. digitization
  • Flexibility as more devices can be added
  • Saves power
  • Three-line graphical display with LCD lighting
  • Available in black or white color
SIP Phone

SIP phone is a type of telephone that can be used to make calls on the PSTN networks as well as on the VoIP technology. The modern ones have many features and can even be used for teleconferencing. Here is more information about it.

The modern SIP phone is used to make calls on the VoIP technology but at the same time, it can also be used to make calls on the PSTN networks. Today, these phones come with advanced features like LCD display, audio clarity, power over Ethernet installation and Ethernet ports.

SIP basically means Session Initiation Protocol. Therefore an SIP phone is one that utilizes such a protocol in its operation. A protocol is simply a computer language that is well understood by programmers.

HD Visual...

The Panasonic’s HD Visual Communications System that has become almost a necessity for all business organizations is a new visual communication tool, which is very different from other video conferencing systems.

HD Visual Communications System from Panasonic are excellent in enabling multi-site connection in your room. You can achieve high image quality and high sound quality during conferencing by using the Panasonic Visual Communications System that guarantees you a very stable connection even in the remotest locations. With reduced initial and maintenance costs, you still achieve excellent multi-site connection.